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A Glimpse of How Our Day Looks Like

Hello our dearest friends! How are you all? I assume you all already have your cup of chai, while you read this. If not pause, go grab one first, we are here waiting for you 😜. Because this week is all about Chai and Chill you know like Netflix and Chill, get it? Yup you got it.

Umair and I decided to start a new concept called the ‘Chai and Chill’ week. Everytime we feel that we and our audience need a break from heavy duty content, we shall switch to chai and chill week, where we will keep the content fun and lighthearted. Do expect some fun challenges and a glimpse on how we are living our good story.

Today, we decided to share how our day is like in essence. In hopes that it may inspire you. Just a disclaimer though, this in no way is a perfect routine. However, this is something that is working for us lately, and like everyone else we are still a work in progress.

With both Umair and I working from home, a lot of our activities are done together, Alhamdulillah. But with Umair having a full time job too, his routine may be slightly different from mine. I mean we are still individuals at the end of the day.

Start Your Day Right

Usually on a normal day, Umair gets up earlier as his work starts at around 10 am. Meanwhile, he lets me sleep in (thanks love). When Umair starts to feel hungry (HAHA), that is when he wakes me up for breakfast.

Once I get up, I usually take a minute to give my thanks to Allah for allowing me to get up and have another day to be better and I make a little prayer for a good day. Recently, I have started the habit of not checking my phone first thing in the morning. So I get up, make the bed with Umair and then I freshen up.

One way of letting go of the habit of using my phone is to replace it with another habit. So while Umair goes to prepare our breakfast/brunch, I quickly do my skincare routine (guys, please don’t forget your sunscreen, at the very least).

Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day and we make sure we have it together. Here we talk about life and our plans for Two Souls One Chai, and what needs to be done on that day.

Make Time For Learning

After breakfast is done, I take over kitchen duty aka washing the dishes. And to make this a fun process, I have started listening to audiobooks on audible. Currently, I am listening to Secrets of Divine Love. This book requires a blogpost on its own! One of the most beautifully written books on spirituality.

Meanwhile, Umair gets back to his office work. Just like me, Umair also takes in knowledge while doing something. He listens to Tafheem-ul-Quran, while getting some work done.

Grounding Practices

We consciously try to make time for me-time and find ways to ground ourselves. Whether it's during our namaz (prayer) time or simply having some alone time.

I personally like to meditate using Headspace after which I take some time to practice gratitude and plan my workflow for the day using my 5 Minutes Journal.

I feel having this me-time is what gives us clarity and allows us to be more productive and to feel positive. That’s when I am ready to create content for Two Souls One Chai or Umair and I have discussions on what we want to do in a given week.

Once I am done with “office” work, then I head to the kitchen to prepare the meal for our dinner. This is another grounding activity for me, because I feel so present in the moment, while listening to my favourite songs, hehe.

Make Time for Movement

Both Umair and I try to finish our work by 6ish pm. This is when we check in with each other. Sometimes we snack a little if we are feeling hungry.

Recently, we have started squeezing in a home workout. There are dozens of apps available these days! Currently I have been enjoying the FitOn workout app. And if that is too complicated, then you can even jog on the spot - Umair’s fav!

Designate Family Time

These days we make it a point to not do any work after dinner. Dinner onwards is dedicated fully to the family.

We chit chat, have discussions about world affairs, deen, etc! Once in a while we watch the TV together too, if we grab hold of the remote before the FIL 😝. And while we are at it, my FIL ensures that we all have fruits in the evening. A habit I have only built after getting married.

Winding Down

At night, usually after Isha (evening prayer), and if we have the energy, Umair and I go for our evening stroll. Not just for its physical benefits, but also because it allows us to wind down and relax our mind.

Once we are home, we cozy up in our bed and catch an episode or two (maybe 3) of the Good Doctor, haha! We are soo hooked to this show, very clearly.


That’s it lovely souls! This is how our day looks on most days. Hope this was helpful and a fun read for you all.

Do check out Unwind with the Khans on our Youtube channel this Friday where we will answer your questions in a candid and fun Q&A. Tune in to the Two Souls One Chai Podcast this coming Sunday to have a heart to heart talk over a cup of chai with Umair and I!

Till then take care!

With love,

Rabail and Umair Khan

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