We are creating our story.

At Two Souls One Chai, our mission is to share our insights on how to live a good story, one that you can look back at and share with a wide smile on your face. 


As a married couple, we have had one too many conversations on personal development, over a cup of chai. One day we decided that the things we talk about need to go beyond just the two of us, as it holds a lot of value. 


Our vision is to impart personal development insights for young adults using Islamic Philosophy that is presented in a simple and approachable manner. We aim to share meaningful content through podcasts, videos, and articles. Along the journey, we will also be sharing resources and tools that have helped us in living a good life thus far.

Two Souls One Chai LLP, Singapore - T21LL0680D

The two souls behind this.

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Umair Khan
Co-Founder & Partner

I am a 29-year old business strategist based in Singapore. I have been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 7-years now. I have held multiple positions in my career and currently, I am the Head of B3Networks Academy at B3Networks and Service Team Mentor at Hoiio. 


Having completed my MBA from the Australian Institute of Business in 2017, I continue to work toward my goals and strive to make a positive impact on the world. I aim to share my thoughts on different topics and discover new perspectives to life. 

Personal Website: https://iumairkhan.com/

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Rabail Umair Khan
Co-Founder & Partner

I have worked as a personal development coach for youths wherein I have delivered training workshops, imparting life, leadership and learning skills through interactive lesson plans. 


I am also working as a digital content creator for almost 3 years now, where I am promoting self-development and raising awareness on mental health. 

My purpose is to provide support and a community to all those who are determined to understand themselves better and are ready to take a journey within.

Personal Website: https://www.rabail.net/