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Building Self Awareness

In this program, you will learn to get to know and understand yourself better. This includes understanding your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how it affects you and those around you.


If you need help in stress-management, regulating your emotions better or simply want to boost your self-esteem, this is for you!

Career Guidance

This one is for those who have yet to figure out what their purpose is and how that can align with their career choices. In this, we will try to understand your core values and how that can help you make effective decisions and set relevant goals.


From helping you in choosing your course for University, to streamlining what kind of jobs you should apply for, to public speaking, we got your back!

Managing Relationships

Build your interpersonal skills and have a more harmonious relationship with those dear to you. In this we will explore how you can establish healthy and respectful relationships. We will cover topics like effective communication, resolving disputes and building trust and respect.


Going through a rough patch in your relationship or you simply want to bring it to the next level? Or are you someone who would love to be part of a fulfilling relationship but are too fearful to be vulnerable and need guidance? This might help you!


Whether you need help in building your self-awareness or some career guidance, we got you covered.


Check out our various mentorship programmes to see what meets your current needs. Book your first free 30 minutes session, and let’s get started. 

Studying Online

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