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What's Different This Time Round

Assalamualaikum lovely souls! I know it has been an insanely long time since you all heard from us and you all must be inquisitive as to why we keep disappearing. As you all know, Umair and I have moved to Pakistan. Alhamdullilah, we are doing well and have adjusted well. But a move is never easy, even if it is back to your own country. There was a lot that we needed to learn and unlearn. We will be going more in depth on why we keep disappearing on our upcoming podcast episode this coming Friday.

What Have We Been Up To?

While we disappeared from the forefront, work was still being done in the background. And the main subject of discussion was how we can do more, especially for young adults (from ages 18-25). Honestly, as a young adult I felt really lost. A little guidance and mentorship would have given me more clarity. I did eventually learn and get clarity on what I wanna do and how I want to lead my life, but it took a long time and many mistakes haha. Sometimes I wonder, if I had someone to help me in understanding myself better, maybe things would have been smoother. And that’s how we decided to start providing mentorship with accompanying free tools to young adults.

Our Offerings

From building self-awareness to career guidance to managing relationships, we got you covered now. As a young adult, there are a lot of life-changing decisions you need to make and we understand it can all be very overwhelming. We want to be there to give you that support that perhaps you might not be getting elsewhere.

We are not life coaches. Neither are we here to sell you a lifestyle. We are just here to give you guidance while keeping Islamic Philosophy in mind. We want to start presenting Islam as a way of life to young adults. Something that is simple and approachable and can set your life on the right track. A track that is unique to you.

Check out our various mentorship programs to see what meets your current needs. Book your first free 30 minutes session, and let’s get started on your personal development now!

Our Resources

All free digital content in the form of blog, podcast and videos are all under resources now. Do take out some time to explore our new website and let us know how the experience and feel is now.

This time round, we want to mainly focus on blog and podcast. Videos will mainly be bite-sized content for those who don’t have stamina for long format content, haha.

The reason we want to create content in this manner is that this will allow us to be more consistent especially because we are travelling quite frequently as we are always shuttling between Islamabad and Mardan. In the near future we will also be travelling to Singapore back and forth. Moreover, we want to now focus on helping young adults in a more personalised manner in the form of our online mentorship programs.

We are looking forward to meeting you all and working with you towards living a good story. Get your cups of chai ready, because we are back and are here to stay! Till then, Allahafiz and take care.

With love,

Rabail and Umair Khan

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We are an educational platform for young adults, imparting personal development insights using Islamic Philosophy. Life is short, so grab a cup of chai and start living your good story now!

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