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Unconditonal Hospitality

Hello lovely souls? How are you all doing? If you are all caught up with our latest content you would know that we are currently in Mardan - Umair’s hometown and now ours ❤️

As I am preparing to head back to Islamabad tomorrow, I was just reflecting on how the past two weeks have been, and I’ve got to say that this trip in particular has left such a lasting impact on me.

Just a few days back, a friend of mine asked me if there was culture shock for me, given that I am from Karachi and my in-laws are from the northern side of Pakistan.

True enough, there were definitely cultural notions that didn’t sit right with me and I couldn’t quite comprehend it. But this particular trip opened up my heart to such a beautiful aspect of this rich culture. And that is their hospitality. More specifically their unconditional hospitality.

I realised that people here don’t keep counts, they just go out of the way to help you without expecting anything in return.

What got me thinking about this was when I fell sick. When I was unwell, Umair’s Taya’s (Father’s brother) entire family kept checking on me. In fact just last night I was down with a fever and Umair’s Aunt and cousin’s wife came to give me a massage. Even sent food for us. With no self-gain of any kind.

I believe the only reason I recovered so promptly is because of the love and care of so many people.

All this to say is that, when we do something for someone it should be unconditional - for Allah’s sake and without expecting anything in return. Because when we do that, naturally it all comes back to us from places or people we least expect it from.

So as I head back home to Islamabad, I look forward to coming back to our ancestral home, here in Mardan ❤️.

And I would like to end this blogpost with Umair’s poetry…

When I knocked on their entryway,

They were fast with welcoming me,

Inviting me in with a strong handshake,

A delicate pat on my back,

With the greatest smile I had ever seen.

They realised I am hanging around for some time,

I was invited in for a hot cup of chai,

Their politeness had a charm,

At that point I realised this is the demeanour of somebody who observes the rules of God,

Rules of Love and Light.

With love,

Rabail and Umair Khan


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