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Simplifying Your Life

Note: We decided to categorise our weekly blog posts as, “Chai Time Wednesdays.”

Last week on the Two Souls One Chai Podcast, we talked quite a fair bit about having a purpose in life. Naturally, that brings everyone to the question, ‘how do we find our purpose in life?’

You can listen to last weeks episode on our website -

So in this week's upcoming podcast, we will be diving deep into it and sharing with you all how to find your purpose and ways to live intentionally. So don’t forget to tune in this coming Sunday!

While finding your purpose is crucial towards living a good story, simplifying your life works as a catalyst to help you get there faster than you would if you are overwhelmed by the noises around you. Simplifying your life essentially removes the veil between you and your purpose, by minimising that ‘noise.’

So today, for ‘Chai Time Wednesdays’, I want to share with you how I simplified my life.

Choosing the Easier Route

Firstly, I started choosing the easier option in everything I do. Contrary to the popular belief, ‘no pain, no gain’, I have come to realise that there is no need to cause your own misery. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying do not work hard. Being hardworking and patient are essential characteristics in this life.

But if there are two alternative ways to reach the same destination, then choose the easier path, provided it does not compromise on your core values/ethics.

Think about it, if a particular route going to the mall is jam packed, wouldn't you take the more simpler route, since the point is to actually reach the destination? So stop beating yourself up and create ease in the PROCESS of getting to your goals.

Small Consistent Habits NOW = Bigger Outcomes LATER

Now that we have simplified the ‘process’, let’s talk about goals now. I am a perfectionist by nature, and inevitably because of this habit I always felt (at times still do, in fact) that I am not doing enough. That I should do more. Wrong. Sometimes less is more in the long run.

The best of actions are the ones that are done consistently even if they are small. So whether it's your worship, work, or routine, focus on consistency instead of creating unrealistic goals for yourself - which you can only do for a few days and then you end up tumbling down eventually because of the undue pressure you have put on yourself.

Recently, when I was feeling down because I felt I am falling short, this is what Umair shared with me:

Yup, an equation. Yes guys, I have a very logical husband, which somehow beautifully balances us as well, haha. But point being, if you ever feel like you are not doing enough, then know that your small consistent actions, over a period of 365 days (as per the equation) will have a much larger outcome as compared to doing nothing at all.

Ironically, when your goals are too big and intangible, you actually end up not doing anything at all because you overwhelm and paralyse yourself in the process.

Building the Perfect Routine that Fits YOU

Once you choose the most apt route for yourself and start focusing on consistency then you will find yourself having a routine that fits YOU perfectly. It may not be the same for everyone and that is okay.

Just to give you an example, I really wanted to get into the habit of reading. So I decided to read 25 mins every day. While I did enjoy that at the start, eventually I just stopped reading all together. Now I have cut that down to just a subchapter, a day (around 1-2 pgs). That may seem less, but because I know I can do it without fail daily, I actually end up learning a lot more, and the best part is that it no longer is a chore for me!

Similarly, if you want to start working out regularly, instead of jumping straight to a full on HIIT or strength training routine 6 times a week, why not start with walking or any light exercises, for let's say 3-4 times a week? Once you build consistency, you would feel motivated to do more, without killing yourself.

The same goes for your worship too. Focus on nailing your obligatory prayers FIRST then add on more in increments.

The point is, learn to build habits that you enjoy, because once it starts to feel like a chore, you will drop it sooner or later. Lastly, we are not perfect. We are not meant to be perfect anyway. But yes, we should definitely strive to improve and grow and that is sufficient.


Whatever you do in life, take care of your heart. For if the heart is intact, everything else falls into place too. But if the heart is sick, then the physical body also falls apart. All this to say, that your energy levels will be different every day, so your goals will have to be flexible. Focus on doing your best on a daily basis, and remember that your ‘best’ will differ from time to time based on your circumstances and strength in the given moment. In order to make the best decision, tune into your heart and take guidance from it.

With love,

Rabail and Umair Khan


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