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Building My Unique Routine | Printable Manual

Hello lovely souls, hope you all are doing well! Last week on ‘Chai Time Wednesdays’ we talked about how you can build a routine that is unique to you. It made sense then, to follow it up with a tangible tool you can utilise on a daily basis.

*Drumroll* Two Souls One Chai is proud to present to you our very first product - Building My Unique Routine | Printable.

This printable, aims to help you kickstart your day by checking in with yourself and planning your day on a daily basis in a flexible manner. It also allows you to take some time for self reflection at the end of the day so you can improve and grow for a better tomorrow.

When Umair and I were creating this, we constantly asked ourselves, is this something we would want to use personally? Reason being, we wanted to sell a tool that we believe in ourselves.

This week’s blog-post will function as a manual for this printable where I will break it down for you, so that you all can fully leverage on this tool that we have created with loads of love.

So let’s get started!

This printable is divided into 5 segments:

1. Checking in with yourself:

In the blog-post where we talked about simplifying your life, I mentioned that your energy levels will be different every day, so your goals will have to be flexible. Focus on doing your best on a daily basis, and remember that your ‘best’ will differ from time to time based on your circumstances and strength in the given moment.

For this very reason, this printable starts with a prompt question, “How am I feeling today?”

The rationale behind this is to raise your self-awareness and to always check in with yourself and be kind to yourself. The idea is to plan your day based on your energy levels on that given day.

In this section, you can write anything from

I am feeling grateful for..

I am feeling happy and excited,

I am feeling low on energy today.

Be honest with yourself.

2. Prioritising:

Based on how you are feeling and the circumstances on that given day, what are the three main tasks that urgently require your attention, list them down! With that, also write down your preferred timing for the individual tasks. You know yourself better, so fix a timing based on your needs and strengths.

You are also given a section to track your progress, where if you have completed the task, put a ✔️,

if you only managed to complete half of it then put a ➖,

and if you couldn’t do it at all then put a ✖️.

This is just a simple guideline, please feel free to use your own symbols to track your tasks.

3. Bonus Activities:

This section is created for you to check in with yourself when you are done with your main tasks and have extra time and energy.

For us, it will usually be around early evening. This is the time when we decide if we want to do additional activities like walking after dinner, for example.

Your feel-good activities can come in here!

4. Rate Your Day:

At the end of the day, you can evaluate how your day was spent and rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Don’t forget to reward yourself, whenever you can!

5. Self-Reflection:

This is our favourite part! For Umair and I, we usually reflect on how our day was during our walking.

In this section, you can even cozy up on your bed and simply take note of how you are feeling at the end of the day. Pour your heart out! You can reflect on things you would like to improve or simply list down reminders for the following day!

It is really up to you, as to how you would like to utilise your self-reflection time. Because this time will be different for everyone.

With that we are done with all the segments. So, what are you waiting for? Start simplifying your life by creating a routine that is unique to you and take charge of your day now!


Two Souls One Chai was created with the intention to make this a social platform. For that reason, we will be donating 10% of our profits to Edhi Foundation.

So be rest assured, whenever you buy any product that we create, not only will you be benefiting yourself, you will also be doing good in the process, Inshallah!

With that, I hope that you have a great day ahead and may you start living a good story that is purposeful and fulfilling, Ameen!

With love,

Rabail and Umair Khan


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