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White Pathway

Living a Good Story


We are an educational platform for young adults, imparting personal development insights using Islamic Philosophy. Life is short, so grab a cup of chai and start living your good story now!


Personal development for young adults is made simple through our offerings. Let us do the research for you.

We just need you to come with an open mind and heart to learn and grow with us. 


This is where we can help you in a more personalised way by providing affordable and customisable services in the form of mentorship programs and self-help tools.


Do you need someone to talk to and gain some perspective on different aspects of life over  a cup of chai?


Book your first free 30 minutes session, and let’s get started!


Are you a hands-on person? Here are some easy-to-use self-help tools for you to get started on your growth. 

Download our free tools now!




Whatever your learning style may be, we have got it all. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of chai and come join our heart to heart conversations! 


Writing is what brought us together.  It brings us immense joy to be able to create content under the same platform now as a married couple.


If you are also old-school like us and learn best through reading, then this medium is for you.


Here, we just let our heart and mind take the lead in our conversations.


If you are on the go then simply listen to us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and many more platforms. 


We are now moving towards short bite-sized videos. Fun yet informative.


No stamina for long-format content? We got you covered too now! 


What sets us apart is that we are not trying to run a business nor are we trying to sell you a lifestyle. More than a brand, this is an educational platform - a community for young adults.


We are not here to create for you your dream life - you will create it yourself. Rather, we are just here to provide guidance and share with you all value-added knowledge that can give you a much needed push to living a better life, one that is unique to you.


At Two Souls One Chai, we meet you where you are at right now. Don’t hesitate to speak to us and we will customise a plan for you that won’t break the bank and yet brings you value.

Get Started On Your Personal Development Journey Today!

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